Why Condo Expert?



Intuitive and user-friendly

Condo Expert is a powerful and user-friendly web-based management tool. Thanks to this software, it is easy to manage syndicates of co-ownership and their accounting.

Control Your Expenses

You can keep track of recurring expenses and plan future expenses.

Manage Shares and Co-ownership Fees

You can calculate each co-owner’s voting rights and their contributions to maintenance according to the area of each condo.


A solution to make your life easier

Are you a co-owner tired of manually entering invoices and finding inconsistencies in your management?

What you need is good co-ownership management software.

Manage Your Budget

You can always consult and modify your budget forecast.

Do not worry about keeping track of expenses and works; the software takes care of it for you.

Save Time

Managing your co-ownership manually can take time, and, sometimes, errors can creep in.

Avoid spending hours on paperwork, and switch to online co-ownership management.

Plan Future Investments

You can manage each co-owner’s contribution to the general maintenance of the property (roofing, paving, etc.).

Access Your Data Anywhere

As long as you are connected to the Internet, you can access the software anywhere.

Co-ownership Accounting

Integrated Accounting Module

Condo Expert has an accounting section, which includes accounts receivable management, accounts payable management, and supplier invoices management.

You can do it all on Condo Expert’s user-friendly platform. From creating a recurring expense to dividing an expense between different condos, co-ownership management is easy with Condo Expert.

Income Statements and Cash Flow

Knowledge is power! By knowing exactly where your money is going, you can make informed decisions regarding your co-ownership management. Base your decisions on monthly or yearly financial statements for every syndicate of co-ownership or condo; they are all accessible in real time.

Co-ownership Management

Manage Your Syndicate of Co-ownership

At home or on the road, co-ownership management is easy with Condo Expert. No installation needed, real-time updates, and the possibility of sharing access to the software. Condo Expert is the most advanced web-based co-ownership management software in Québec! You can use it as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Co-ownership Management Dashboard

Condo Expert notifies you when you have unpaid balances, requests from co-owners, appointments, and repairs and maintenance, so you can easily keep track of your co-ownership management!

Automated Letters and Notices

Imagine letters and notices that write themselves, addressed to the right co-owner with information that concerns them, such as their address and the amount of their contribution to the contingency fund or the emergency fund.

Thanks to Condo Expert, not only can you do that, but you can also send emails directly on the platform.

Of course, every email is archived for future reference.

Management of Co-owner Files

Everything is in one place; the files and contact information of your co-owners, your administration board, your janitors, your suppliers, and other contacts that you link to your profile are on the platform! Efficient and accessible, this contact list has a search bar that allows you to quickly find any of your real estate contacts.

The Efficient Syndicate of Co-ownership Management Solution