Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! When you subscribe to Condo Expert, you determine the number of users you need. The software is multi-user. Many people can work simultaneously, and various levels of access can be granted to users (modifying only certain sections, read-only, etc.).

Your subscription includes many benefits to help you take advantage of the software.

It includes:

    • Software updates
    • Unlimited technical support
    • Online data consultation
    • Data backups on Magex’s servers
    • Free online training courses

And much more.

Condo Expert backups are performed several times a day. This way, you never risk losing your data or your progress.

Yes! You can do your accounting thanks to Condo Expert’s many features. You can enter your transactions in the general journal and carry them forward to the General Ledger, and generate your financial statements.

Yes. Thanks to quota shares, you can divide co-ownership fees and contributions to the various funds (contingency, emergency, etc.) proportionally to the area in square feet of each condo.

Yes. As mentioned above, Condo Expert allows you to do all your accounting, which includes the general journal, the General Ledger, the income statement, the balance sheet, and the cash flow statement.

Yes. Although they may deny it, your accountant has everything they need to complete your accounting. Some accountants are not familiar with Condo Expert, but we can help them if you are subscribed to the software, or we can refer you to an accountant that is familiar with the software. Do not use two platforms when only one does the job!