Thanks to its numerous modules, you have at your disposal in a single software program valuable tools to communicate between co-owners: edition of letters and documents, electronic sending of communications, statements of account, invoices, financial reports and work orders, contact book, call log and communication history, sms, electronic signature, etc.


An affordable solution for condominium corporations that want to manage themselves!

Full Management

Manage your condominium from A to Z

In a single platform, Condo Expert integrates the different needs of co-owners, administrators and managers.

Benefit from a professional expertise thanks to an experienced, proven and simple accounting tool for an intelligent management of your co-ownership.



Use according to your expectations

With Condo Expert, condominium managers and owners finally benefit from a fully integrated accounting solution. It combines advanced accounting functions with complete management and communication tools

A complete customer service!

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The efficient solution for managing condominium corporations