Why Condo Expert?



Intuitive and easy-to-use

A modular, flexible, powerful and easy-to-use software suite, Condo Expert is a complete cloud management tool, containing all the management and accounting tools essential to syndicates of coownerships.

Control expenses

You can easily monitor current spending and plan upcoming spending.

Manage shares and contributions

You can calculate voting rights and contributions to general maintenance work based on the area of each co-ownership.


A solution to make your life easier

You’re a co-owner, and you’re tired of capturing your invoices manually and finding inconsistencies in your management?

What you need is a good co-ownership management software program.

Manage your budget

You can consult and modify your budget forecasts at any time.

No need to worry about monitoring expenses and work, the software will look after that for you.

Save time

Managing things manually takes a long time and sometimes errors creep in.

Avoid the long hours of paperwork and move into the era of web-based co-ownership management.

Plan future investments

You can manage the contribution of each co-owner to the investment in general maintenance (roofing, paving, etc.)

Access information from anywhere

You can access your software from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Co-ownership accounting

Fully-integrated accounting management

Condo Expert includes the full module for managing accounts receivable, accounts payable and suppliers’invoices.

Condo Expert Web lets you do this through its super easy-to-use interface.

You can also create recurring entries for any expense that is incurred regularly or even automatically divide one or more items between various assignments.

  • Collection of shared fees through electronic payments
  • Complete co-ownership management and integrated accounting
  • Simplified management of work, follow-up and costs
  • Management of bad debtors
  • Easy banking reconciliation of an unlimited number of bank accounts

Statement of operations and cash flow

Knowledge is power: when you know exactly where your money is going, you will be able to make informed decisions about your co-ownership management.

Rely on financial statements by syndicate of co-ownership or by condominium by month and by year, accessible in real-time.

  • All this thanks to a complete web management software developed in Quebec!
  • Complete and accurate data on the syndicate’s assets
  • Save time capturing your data
  • Better control of income and expenses

Co-ownership management

Keep an eye on the management of your co-ownership

When travelling or on the go, it’s easy with Condo Expert, no installation required, updates in real time and shared access with various permission levels.

Condo Expert is the most advanced web-based co-ownership management software in Quebec!

It can be used on all platforms connected to the Internet.

  • Software that grows with your syndicate of co-ownership
  • Fits into your work routine
  • Tailored to the Canadian and Quebec market
  • Integrated government forms
  • Creation of simplified reports

Detailed dashboard

Condo Expert alerts you when you have unpaid balances from co-owners, co-owner requests to analyze,
appointments on your agenda, maintenance work and repairs to complete and much more at a quick

  • Access your data from anywhere, on your cell phone, tablet or laptop
  • Easy access to your data, in real time, anytime
  • Full and automatic history of communications
  • Service call management
  • Multi-syndicate handling

Automated letters and notices

Imagine letters written by themselves, addressed to the right co-owner with the information specific to that co-owner such as their address, the amount in arrears for their contribution to the contingency or emergency fund.

That’s the reality offered by Condo Expert, which also gives you options for communicating directly by email from its interface.

Emails sent are also saved in memory for future follow-up.

Complete management of co-owner records

Everything in one place: a record and full contact information for your co-owners, your BOD, your superintendents, your suppliers and even digitized contracts linked to their profile!

Efficient and accessible, this directory is equipped with a powerful search engine to find any of your property stakeholders.

  • Improve your team’s efficiency
  • Meeting attendance lists
  • Multi-user and bilingual
  • Building register

The effective management solution for syndicates of co-ownership