What Is Co-ownership Management Software?

What Is the Purpose of Co-ownership Management Software?

Co-ownership management software can offer many features, but any good software can manage quota-shares, funds, repairs, accounting, and communication.

These tasks might seem easy to accomplish without software, but the benefits of these tools are considerable.

Co-ownership management software will quickly become your go-to for all-things management whether it be communication, accounting, or anything else.

Are you still hesitating as to whether or not you need software like Condo Expert to manage your co-ownership? Here are a few features you might like.

A Communication Feature

Managing your communications will undoubtedly be much easier by being able to monitor and keep track of your communication statuses, and add notes and tasks.

Did you know that each co-owner can choose their preferred language of communication? This prevents language barriers.

Imagine letters that write themselves, addressed to the right co-owner with information that affects them personally like their address, their late co-ownership fees for the contingency or emergency fund, etc. Isn’t this time-saving feature so great? 

A Built-in Accounting Tool

This management software allows you to easily manage your funds thanks to the built-in accounting tool.

The operating, contingency, self-insurance, and emergency funds should legally all be included in your financial statements.

Thanks to this management software, you can efficiently account for your funds without prior knowledge in accounting.

A Management Section

The management section of this software allows you to plan repairs, create work orders (e.g. if you have an in-house maintenance team), or manage conflicts between co-owners.

Does It Work for Syndicates that Want to Self-Manage?

Many people often think that such software are too expensive and too complicated for a small co-ownership that wishes to self-manage. Know that there are many software available on the market.

Thus, you can get affordable software like Condo Expert.

At $2.99$/door or less, you can enjoy the many co-ownership management features offered by Condo Expert. Calculate the price for your property HERE.

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