Manage Your Properties Safely and Cost-Effectively with Condo Expert

As you might already know, a co-ownership manager has many responsibilities and must have communication skills and knowledge in the administrative, financial, and tax fields. That being said, a manager can not only be expensive but also risky. There are deadlines and specific requirements to meet, and people to communicate with.

Condo Expert is an efficient co-ownership management solution. This software was developed with the needs of syndicates in mind. The co-ownership manager will find everything they need on a single platform. The accounting, the necessary forms, the platform to communicate with the co-owners, the data related to the deadlines, and the details for the preservation of the property will all be in one place!

This is why Condo Expert’s creator, Magex Technologies, is a recognized and respected leader among North American real estate software developers. This company creates partnerships with world-class companies, to both use and market its products.

In this article, we will discuss further the software’s features and its advantages. Moreover, to learn more about Condo Expert, you can try the software for free for 14 days. Simply click on the link on the website and fill out the form.

Manage Your Accounting

Condo Expert allows you to efficiently manage customer and supplier accounts, bad payers, invoices, commercial taxes, and it facilitates the automatic bank reconciliation. You can also collect rent, pay suppliers via electronic payment, print tax receipts, and generate a series of financial statements, among others.

It is worth mentioning that, with Condo Expert, you can manage the co-ownership’s general budget, the contingency fund, and the special contributions; you can also use the accounting journal and the general accounting section.

Communicate with and Manage the Users

In terms of communication, Condo Expert is comprehensive software that provides managers and co-owners with everything they need. Since it is efficient but also user-friendly, the communication is direct and transparent.

Before we list the advantages, you must know that Condo Expert allows you to categorize users and manage access, which means that the manager controls who can see what. Furthermore, the users can access the software anywhere, via a mobile phone, a tablet, or a laptop.

Condo Expert has a complete and automatic communications history (with real-time updates), and an unlimited number of contacts to which the manager can send letters, emails, and text messages. Moreover, the manager can set reminders and alerts, and send notifications via text message or email to the co-owners.

Thus, it is much easier to meet deadlines and to ensure that every co-owner has access to the information they need, such as the budget, the balance sheet, or the declaration of co-ownership.

Complete, Built-in Management for Co-Owners, Managers, and the Accountant

Thanks to Condo Expert’s many sections and features, you can efficiently manage your co-ownerships. The software is tailored to the Canadian and the Quebecois market. It includes government forms and can deal with any new regulations with the law.

With Magex Technologies’s software, you can manage the co-ownership, the units, the co-owners, and the suppliers. This software’s strong points include the task management section, the electronic signature of documents, the renovations and the budgets management section, the possibility of a broad data search within every company and co-ownership, the high-quality exportable reports, the files of every co-owner, the notes, the balance sheets, and everything else you might need to manage your co-ownerships.

Safe and Cost-Efficient Communication and Accounting

As you can clearly see, Condo Expert is safe and cost-efficient co-ownership management software. For instance, to make sure that you meet your deadlines, you can set notices and reminders, and send notifications. In regards to the documents, the software can archive them and provide access to the users depending on your classification.

Condo Expert is easy to use and intuitive, which is one of the many reasons why its users are satisfied. To enjoy all the benefits of this management software, sign in and sign up for the free trial.