How to Create an Invoice in Condo Expert

You have just started with Condo Expert, and you wish to create an invoice but do not know how?

Do not worry!

Here is the steps for creating an invoice:

The button “Invoicing” in the “Collections” tab allows you to manually create an invoice. As of now, you can create invoices for more than just the rent. You can have an invoice for a contact, a lease, a specific unit, a building, and even a company. This facilitates the billing of management fees for management companies:

  • Collections: Click on “Invoicing” at the top right corner of the “Collections” tab.

  • Issuer: Select the issuer of the invoice.

  • Assignation: Select who the invoice is assigned to.

  • Date: Enter the date of the invoice by clicking the calendar icon at the top right corner.

  • Description: Enter the account for which the invoice is for in the “Account” section, the quantity, and the unit price. The taxes and the total will be calculated automatically. You also have the option of adding a product description. If you wish to have more than one item in the invoice, simply click on “Add an item” and go through the same process. You will then be able to see the list of items in the invoice.

To watch the procedure:

(Even if it is the Proprio Expert interface, the process is the same!)

If need be, ask for a demonstration!

Good luck,