Condo Expert Mobile Version

Magex Technologies has recently launched a new version of Condo Expert, the syndicate of co-ownership management software. You can now download the mobile version and use Condo Expert on your mobile devices, such as your smart phone or your tablet. Thanks to this new version, you can have access to your account and enjoy Condo Expert’s management features anytime and anywhere.

Your Favorite Features in Your Back Pocket

This new version includes all the co-ownership management features you can find on the web version. That being said, the app offers you complete and immediate access to:

  • Your contacts
  • Your communication tools
  • The rent collections
  • Document signing
  • Construction management
  • And so much more!

A Sneak Peak of Our Mobile App in a Few Images

Before heading over to your app store, here are a few features that are sure to convince you to download Condo Expert on your mobile device:


A interface specifically made for mobile devices, so you can have easy access to all your favorites features.


Thanks to the "Contacts" tab, you have access to your contacts in the real estate industry in just a few clicks. On the road, at home, or at work, you can easily find the contact information of the person you wish to reach.


In the "Construction" tab, you can plan the work to be done in the building and follow its progress.


Thanks to the "Collections" tab, the syndicate can collect pre-authorized payments, such as co-ownership fees.


The "Email" tab allows you to receive and send emails directly from the app. Use our automated letter and notice templates to save time!

To download our syndicate of co-ownership management app on Google Play or the App Store, click here:

google play