An Efficient Solution for Syndicate of Co-ownership Management

Condo Expert: our new product!

Web management, fund management, communication portal, all for co-owners for only $2,99 per door per month!

Condo Expert is the result of several months of work by the Magex Technologies Team. This online software was designed for co-ownership management. The features are tailored for this type of management:

  • Share management: you can manage the contribution amount for each co-ownership, depending on the space they each occupy.
  • Fund management: you can manage your different funds (contingency, emergency, and self-insurance) and adjust them if need be.
  • Repair management: you can enter each demand for repairs, follow their progress, and communicate with the people involved in said repairs.
  • Accounting: you can manage the accounting of your co-ownerships directly in the software. Manage your suppliers, collect contributions or co-ownership fees, and generate your financial statements.
  • Communications: you can communicate with your contacts (co-owners, board members, managers, subcontractors, suppliers, etc.) via email or text, create and send letters to your co-owners, and give them access to a communication portal made specifically for them.

In addition to all these features, you can add various tools to your Condo Expert account. Magex Technologies lives to provide you with efficient tools and ways to optimize your management. Indeed, many partnerships have been created to help you in your daily management:

  1. Otonom Solution: Quebec’s real estate payment solution. You can collect fees and pay your suppliers more efficiently! This service checks for mistakes and duplicates, provides you with transfer reports within 24 hours, and transmits your information to your financial institutions.
  2. Esign Connect: the official signature available anywhere and anytime. You can sign an official document, or have it signed, on a mobile device (laptop, tablet, or smart phone) and be sure of its authenticity. You can also send a document with Esign Connect via email and monitor its status.

Condo Expert is more than co-ownership management software… It provides you with a quick and easy access to a trusted network of partners, technical support, demonstrations and training courses, etc.