An effective solution for syndicate of co-ownership management

Condo Expert: our new product!

Full web-based management, budget, fund management and communication portal for co-owners for just $2.90 per unit!

Condo Expert is the result of many months of work by the Magex Technologies team. This fully web-based software was designed for co-ownership management. The features are adapted for this type of management :

  • Assessed contributions management : you can manage the amounts of contributions to various funds for each of the co-owners based on the space occupied by each or the co-owners.
  • Funds management: you can manage your various funds (contingency, emergency and self-insurance)and also adapt them if your needs change.
  • Work management : you can enter each of the requests for work as well as monitor and communicate with the various people involved in the repair to be performed.
  • Accounting : you can do your co-owners’ accounting right from your software ! Manage supplier accounts, collect co-owner contributions or fees and generate your financial statements.
  • Communications :you can communicate with your various contacts (co-owners, board members, managers, subcontractors, suppliers, etc.) through email or SMS, create and send letters to your coowners and give them access to their own communication portal.

In addition to being a complete software package on its own, you can connect various tools to your Condo Expert account. Providing you with powerful tools and the means to be more efficient is the mission of Magex Technologies. To this end, many partnerships have been formed to help you in your daily management :

  1. Walter: Your virtual superintendent.Allows you to give your co-owners access to general information on the accessibility of services provided, garbage collection, etc. IIt is also possible to offer the option of reserving common areas or provide access to home services. And much more!
  2. Otonom Solution: Quebec’s real estate payments solution. You can collect your contributions or pay your suppliers more efficiently! In fact, this service checks whether you have made errors or duplicates, sends you a follow-up on transactions within 24 hours and looks after sending the information to the right financial institutions.
  3. Esign Connect : An official signature anytime, anywhere. You can sign or obtain a signature for an official document on a mobile device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) and be sure of its authenticity. You can also send a document with Esign Connect by email and monitor its status using an interface provided by this tool.
  4. HelpMee : Finds a repair person for you, for anything. Helps you find a repair person in three easy steps: 1- You send them a request, 2- You obtain immediate assistance and 3- You select the repair person of your choice from among the bids obtained. From minor to major repairs, they do everything they can to provide you with the best businesses They check licenses, permits and the reputation of all their partner businesses.

Choosing Condo Expert means getting a lot more than co-ownership management software… It means having access to a network of trustworthy partners, technical support, demonstrations and training..