How to create an invoice in Condo Expert

New to Condo Expert, need to make an invoice, and don’t know where to start?

Don’t panic!

Here’s what to do to make an invoice:

The Add button on rent collection allows you to create an invoice manually. It is now possible to create invoices other than for rent. You can now invoice a contact, a tenant, an apartment, a building and even another company, which makes billing management fees for management companies much easier:

  • Collect: Click on Add at the top of rent collection.
  • Issuer: Select the issuer of the invoice.
  • Assignment: Select whether you are assigning a company or a client.
  • Date: Enter the date of the invoice by clicking on the calendar at the top right and by selecting the desired date.
  • Entity: Check company, building or apartment to indicate for which entity the billing item is being used.
  • Description: Enter the billing item in the description box and the amount of this item in the amount box to the right. The taxes and total will be calculated automatically. If you want to add another item, you have to click on add billing item and repeat the same procedure. You will then see the list of items that are being billed.

Here’s a link to a video showing how to do this :

(Even though the interface is Proprio Expert Web, the procedure is the same!)

You can also request a demonstration !

Hope you enjoy this feature !